Flying with Photons:
Rendering Novel Views of Propagating Light

1 University of Toronto 2 Vector Institute 3 Stanford University

Novel View Flythroughs

Scene Image

Transient Flythrough


This captured scene is illuminated from the side by a pulse from a point source. The propagation reveals subsurface scattering on the candles and interreflections.


Scene illuminated by a point source, consisting of a mirror, statue, and multiple other objects. The transient reveals the delay in the propagation on the mirror and interreflections.


A mirror and diffuser placed in a tank of cloudy water. We illuminate the scene with a laser beam. We can observe the specular reflection of the laser and scattering off the diffuse target.


A diffraction grating in a fish tank. We see the light pulse being separated into the zeroth, first, second and higher order diffraction modes.


A laser pulse is sent through a coke bottle. Light can be seen scattering off liquid, hitting the ground plane, focusing on the cap and reflecting to the back.


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